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Whip-Band Antenna Rods
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Whip-band antenna rods are mainly used in fixed communications stations, it can also be used for ships. It is suitable for erection of roof and floor erection. The antenna adopts unbalanced impedance built-in converters and other advanced technology. The antenna`s impedance frequency changes smooth, full-band voltage standing-wave is relatively low, and with good electrical properties. The antenna made of manganese metal, brass with small loss increases frequency, but also improves the aging resistance and security. It is feeder-free between the bottom of the antenna and ground and divided into sections, using screw section. The antenna structure is reliable, convenient and occupation for carrying and setting. It takes up less than 0.8m2. The antenna has a environmental adaptability and adapt to work in various harsh environments. The antenna with excellent broadband characteristics and low radiation elevation angle, is suitable for matching with the power of high-tech radio and apply to the COSCO distance to all communications.

Frequency Range


Band Width




Nominal Impedance


Voltage Satanding Wave


Antenna Gain


Polarization Mode

Vertical Polarization

Level Radiation Direction

Level to all

Set Up Height

Close in recommended 10m

Antenna Length


Antenna Weight


Wind Ability


High Frequency Connection


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