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hunting carbon arrow

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carbon fiber arrows,

Carbon Fiber Arrow  

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3K Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon fiber tubes, 

3k carbon fiber tube

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3k carbon fiber tubes
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we are professional carbon fiber products manufacturer. We can offer OEM.
Finish: Glossy or semi-glossy, 
Appearance: 3K plain or twill weave or other
Material: carbon fiber or glass fiber composite 
ID: 4mm~100mm 
Thickness: Up to customer's choice 
Length: 190mm~2500mm 
Carbon fiber tubes have beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, and long life duration.

Served for: Sports leisure supplies, tent, kites, windmills, wind machines, toys, model airplanes, golf bags, golf practice nets, flag poles, shaft, flying saucers, the bow arm, tripod, ski poles, hood, Stent blankets, table of the beach, fishing, sailing, x banner, magic circle, Yoga thin ring and other health equipments. Daily necessities series: curtains, mosquito nets, bags, handbags, umbrellas, crafts, sprayer bars, tool handles, masts and so on. Industrial supplies: equipment Rails, fan blades, fan uprights (T bar), L angle iron, PCB equipment, the axis of rotation, axial pistil and so on.

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