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carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber rods, series of carbon tubes
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Type: zd15-12

Industries Served:

1. High strength, high modulus, dimensional stability(the tolerance range of the diameter is below 0.05mm), good straightness, good processing. It applies to the mechanical device transmission shaft, toys, advertising banner, fitness equipment, kites, tents, umbrellas bone, bags, sail, arrow shaft, ski poles, poles, bolt, display poles, electric motors, transformers, and sports equipment, and every fields of the national economy.

2. Strong corrosion-resistant (resistance of many chemically aggressive media), good wear resistance, vibration attenuation, fatigue resistance, low friction characteristics. It applies to the chemical industry: offshore oilfield exploration and mining equipment and the platform, PCB equipment drive shaft, electroplating equipment drive shaft and so on, products have long service life with strong corrosive medium. It is widely used in many aspects of industrial and civil.

3. It has a high specific strength, high modulus, good x-rays permeability, and good biocompatibility, elastic deformation and fatigue resistance strong, applicable to the field of medical equipment: medical devices, medical devices, structures, artificial limbs, prosthetic hand, artificial bone, artificial joints and so on.

4. High temperature, creep resistance, chemical resistance and harsh environment climate change ability, seismic performance and inherent characteristics of high strength, high modulus. For CFRP tendons, it can replace ordinary steel with high bearing capacity of concrete structures and build new concrete structures. It is widely used in civil engineering concrete structure with corrosion things.

5.  Light weight, and with a high tensile strength of materials, that is top quality ratio. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, military equipment, kites, leisure sports and others structural materials.


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