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Functions and Characteristics


  Different types of resin provide different anticorrosion properties,which could be used in different corrosive environment,such as acid,alkali,salt,organic solvent(in gas or liquid form)and similar situations over a long period.


  Qualified matrix resins as well as unique fire-retardant additives provide grating with excellent fire resistant performance. In general,fire retaedant oxygen index is more than 26,the flame spread index is less than 25,and the smoke concentration index is less than 500.

3.Light weight and high strength

  The perfect combination of the continuous E-fiberglass strand and resin provide grating with light weight and high strength properties and its specific weight is only 1/4 of steel,suitable to withstand to various loading structure under corrosive environment.

4.UV resistance

  The high-grade resin and UV inhibitor provide grating ageing resistance performance,and keep its surface brightness and strength over a longer period. The service life of the products could expected to more than 20 years.


  The characteristics of composite materials provide the products very texible in both design and shapes,and colors that meet every customer reuquirement.

6.Safety and Anti-skid

  The high elasticity and surface treatment provided super anti-skid performances.Surface finishing could be of smooth type,concave-in type,gritted surface and checkered type cover,which are suitable for different working environment. The product elasticity could help to reduce fatigue feeling of workers.


  Fiberglass and high-grade resin provide the products super electric insulation performance.Its electirc pierce strength could reach 10KV/mm. Non-sparkling and non magnetized,it could be used safely under all this environment.

8.Economy Characteristic

  FRP products do not required to incur futher maintenance cost,and the life span is longer,therefore consolidated performance is better.


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