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FRP Molded gratings



Operation terrace; Off-shore oil rig; Inspection rack; Stair tread; Ground floor; Trench cover; Bridge sidewalk; foot bridge; Equipment safety fence; Stair landing; Scaffold; filling supporting; Decorating; Air gride, etc.


Functions and Characteristics  
1. Corrosion-resistant. The products have an excellent ability of corrosion-resistant. They are not ruined in the environment of acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvent and so on. In the areas of corrosion-resistance, they possess the superiorities that other gratings can not compared with. Adding to the actual usage, there are several kinds of fiberglass gratings to be chosen such as orthophthalic polyester, isopthalic polyester and vinyl ester, etc.

2. Light weight and high strength. With the structure of internal interlace and shaped in a whole, the gratings distribute the load in both vertical and horizontal. The density of the products is only 1/4 of steel, 2/3 of aluminum, while the strength is 10 times of the rigid PVC. The absolute strength exceeds aluminium and have achieved the strength of normal steel.

3. Fire Retardant. The oxygen index of common FRP grating is above 28. The numer will achieve over 40 according to different requirements. The ordinary gratings will suit the occasion without high demand of fire-retardant.    

4. Anti-impact and anti-weary. Better resistance to impact make the molded gratings can be bended repeated without permanent deformation. The products could help to reduce fatigue feeling and enhance comfort of workers because of the moderate elasticity of the intrinsic structure.

5. Ageing resistance. The high-grade resin and UV inhibitor provide grating longer life ageing resistance performance. The service life of the products could be expected to more than 20 years.
6. Beautiful and easy maintenance. The addition of color plasm into the polyester keep its surface brightness and non-fading without painting. The grating is self-cleaning contributes by the inner diagonal structure.  

7. Safety. Excellent electrical insulation, non-magnetic and non-spark. Furthermore, the products have good ability of anti-skid with concave or gritted surface.
8. Economy Characteristic. Manufacturing costs: take the products of ordinary terrace or footpath for example, if the cost of round steel welding is 1, the cost of FRP grating will be 1.6 to 1.8. If the cost of flat iron welding is 1, th cost of FRP grating will be 1.4 to 1.6. If the cost of footpath paved by grain plate is 1, the cost of FRP grating is 1.3 to 1.5.

Installation costs: the installation of FRP grating is only 20%-40% of the steel. Because the weight of FRP grating is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminium. As a result, the foundation support structures can be reduced significantly. In addition, FRP grating is easy to be cut and moving, so the installation is much more convenient.

Cost of life: the service life of FRP grating is over 20 years in the condition of media. While the maintenance cost is nearly zero.

In conclusion, the general economic results performance of FRP grating is 4-5 times of steel grating although the initial investment is little higher than steel grating.

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