Which one is more suitable for you, carbon fiber arrows or aluninium arrows?

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This is a question that archers often ask. To be honest, I would rather the answer to the question is as simple as this is not. In order to answer this seemingly simple question, you must take several factors in consideration first.



1. How much money would you want to spend? Usually this is a major factor as the price of  carbon fiber arrows is higher than aluminium arrows. The difference between carbon fiber arrows and aluminium depends on the manufacturer, straightness, quality and materials. Generally, arrows are durable with higher price. Even though you can get a dozen of carbon fiber arrows at a low price as $50, you need to check the quality of the arrows you buy. For example, you may spend $50 on a dozen of carbon fiber arrows at a straightness ± 0.008, but you can also spend $40 on a dozen of aluminium arrows at a straightness ± 0.006. This take us to the second issue.


2. What`s your purpose of the arrows, hunting, shooting, 3D archery or practise shooting at the backyard? Most shooting and 3D archery archers can afford the most accurate arrows. Most hunters pay attention to practical. Actually, 90% archers with an arrow of straightness ± 0.002 can not get a better score than with one of straightness ± 0.006. One thing you should keep in mind is the rings counts when you are shooting or in 3D games. So you must lose unnecessary scores if you use a larger diameter arrow. For hunters, weight is another important factor. Weight=KE(energy), right? This becomes another subject and has been arguing for years. So we don`t discuss about it more. About energy, I have one more point. There`s a simple formula for you to work it our. The formula is (weight multiplied by speed2)/450240.


3. How fast do you want? Yes, I mean speed. This seems to be a favourite topic when choosing arrows. When archers want arrows with higher speed, they choose carbon fiber arrows. For most arrows, carbon fiber arrows are faster than aluminum arrows. Maybe you have noticed that I say most. In the past few years, aluminum arrows keep the same, while carbon fiber arrows made some changes. You can buy various camouflage carbon fiber arrows. Maybe that sounds nice, but you must pay attention that camouflage paint increases the weight of the arrow. The heavier the arrow means the slower the speed. Let`s take carbon fiber arrows of Game Tracker`s Termintor as an example. The nice camouflage paint increases a weight of 1.7 grain per inch. That means, the paint increases 47.6 grain for a 28 inches arrow. This down the speed 10-15fps. If you want to hunt, there`s no problem. If you want a faster speed, it may let you down. And the weight of the accessories should be considered. What`s the type of the nock? What would you use for tip, carbon fiber tips, aluminum tips or adhesive shoot tips? These must be considered when we talk about speed of the arrows. In fact, if you want an arrow with a faster speed, you must take a whole one in consideration not the per inch`s weight of the arrow.


4. How long do you want to spend? You may be wondering, what does that mean? Most archers haven`t think about this problem yet. That is the ease of adjusting arrows. If you want to try the light arrows approach the weight limit and have a faster speed, you need to take some time to adjust the bow. In other words, if the arrows` weight and hardness fit your bow, it is easier for you to adjust the bow, espescially using the blade tips.


5. Quality! I also mentioned quality several times aboved. Now we talked about this specifically. We need to take some factors in consideration when we talked about the arrows and the quality of the arrows.

1) Straightness. Although the specifications have been marked by arrow shaft manufacture, you can verify by yourself. You can verify them at the dealers` shop.

2) Weight tolerance. Sometimes you buy a dozen of arrows. You may find that there`s 10 or 20 grain between arrows. There`s an effective way. You can weigh arrows before you buy.

3) Durability. How`s the durability of the arrow? For aluminum arrows, you should check the size. Let`s take Super Slam 2312 of Easton for example. Its size 2312 shows two points, outer diameter and thickness. When we talk about the durability of aluminum, we must notice the last two numbers, that is thickness. The arrows with thicker wall are more durable. But you must know, the arrows with thicker walls are more heavier. The wall thickness of the aluminum arrows are at a range of 12-19. Carbon fiber arrows are different. If you want to know the durability of the carbon fiber arrows, you should check the type of the carbon, the type of the carbon fiber wound and the wall thickness of the arrows. If you buy the good carbon fiber arrows, they can hit the target. You don`t need to worry about its durability. If you want to buy the most durable arrows, you may be disappointed by its performance. Who knows there`s so much things to be considered when buy arrows. But you don`t have to bother, if the arrows you are using fit for you, that`s OK, just use them. If you want to try others, you must take some time to commit on it. Remember, you must check the arrows and choose one suitable for you when you buy arrows.


Last are some common sense you need to understand:

1.       Carbon fiber arrows have a higher fault tolerant than aluminum.

2.       Carbon fiber arrows react faster than aluminum. So carbon fiber arrows can become variable line flight faster than aluminum arrows.

3.       Aluminum arrows can align, carbon fiber arrows can`t.

4.       Though carbon fiber arrows won`t bent, it will explode.

5.       Test indicates that carbon fiber arrows have stronger penetration than aluminum arrows.

6.       Some carbon fiber arrows are harder to be pulled down from the target than aluminum arrows.

7.       Energy is an combination of weight and speed.


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