Something about archery technical main points (beginners must read)

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Interdigital Pad

That is nursing of finger. Please do not use the pad above the archers. The pads will obstruct a stable posture between finger and jaw bone. So, the pads moving around the face will change the fingers` pressure.

The archers using more relaxed nursing pads is a better chioce. The archers will have a tendency to separate fingers so as to not to clamp the string without the nursing pads. This may cause additional unnecessary tension to fingers.

Please be sure that the location of the finger in pads and the pads on the string is the same each time. It is important to check by your eyes each time shooting or popuping. Every change here can lead to higher or lower arrows.


Trigger guard rope

In order to let the arrow popup simply when release, you must use the trigger guard ropes. There`s different types of trigger guard rope. One is near the bow handle. Second one is setting in the wrist. Third one is setting in the finger on the trigger guard rope, it comes from the middle finger or thumb and index finger around the bow on top of the chord gauging. The archers must learn how to let the arch popup from the hands smoothly.


Upper limb posture

Keeping the stable core in shooting is important for the shooting accuracy and stablity of the continuous shooting. The archers should like a straight rod inserting in the earth from the head through the body to keep stable and stereotypes upper body posture. This will help the archers remaining the same posture in the process of pulling and releasing bows.


Relationship between hip and shoulder

When you put an arrow at the other side of the scapula,, you must turn the shoulders to make the arrow aim at the right hand side of the target (the archers pull bow by right hands). We can often see that no matter what posture the archers stand, they always rotate hip to become parallel standing to let them be straight to the target. Hip`s posture decides the standing posture. The hip must be opened toward the target when using exposure standing. For it increases stability by producing a torque in the ribs.


Bowstring point

In order to form the correct alignment, it is necessary to use a slightly lateral hook fixed string hand technique, which will make the eyes in a better position and shape a better alignment of the bow and elbow. If the string touches the center of the nose and jaw, it is impossible to meet requirements as recommendated. You must lateral to fixed position but not too much, the chin may obstruct the bowstring when release the string. That will affect the homonyms of the bowstring.


Importance of the little finger

There`s a separate muscles called “small extensor muscles”, which controls the little finger of the archers. Any change of the location of the little finger affects muscle tension of other fingers. Therefore, the position of the little finger is very important when momentuming and releasing. The little finger must keep the same location on every launch.


Weight distribution

60–70% of weight should be allocated on the thumb of both feet and 40-30% should be allocated on the heels of both feet to produce the maximum horizontal force. In order to facilitate the distribution of gravity, it is recommended to use a small piece of heel shoe or shoes with sole, instead of using the flat bottom of casual shoes. Braces shoes can increase the stability of the ankle.

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