Archery attention

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1. You must ensure that all parts have been installed properly, securely before using the bows. Otherwise it is easy to cause the damage to person or bow.


2. Before shooting, archers must wear protective equipments and do some protective measures. Protective equipments includes nursing of finger, bracers, and anchoring. Nursing of finger is to prevent the worn to the fingers and is good for popuping of the bowstring at the same time. Bracers is wored on the inside of the arm with bow to prevent bowstring`s hit to the arm. You must wear it when less cloth worn in summer. You can choose the right size according to your own circumstances. Anchoring is wored on the left chest to prevent the string`s hit to the body.


3. You must use the bow in the right way on the premise of the law. Do not Play, swoop with the bow. You must select a place with few people, open sight and large area. When shooting, you can`t point to person, windows, doors, animals and so on. Or you may cause accidental injury.


4. You should check and maintenance the arch equipments and use after repairing and replacing the flawed equipments.


5. Minors using the bows and arrows should be under the charge of the parents.


6. You can not shoot without arrows. Venting leads to damage of the bow easily.

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