Chinese glass fibre imports to carry 13.8% dumping tariff

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The European Commission is proposing definitive duties of 13.8% on Chinese glass fibre imports, lower than the 43.6% temporary duty imposed from 17 September for a period of six months.

The composites industry association EuCIA has welcomed the reduction but warns that acceptance of the Commission's proposal by EU Member States will harm the European industry.

The association said: "EuCIA welcomes the new proposal of the Commission to significantly reduce the duties by more than 50% as a first step into the users direction, but continues to highlight that the impacts of such duties - if finally imposed - will seriously damage the composites production - and should not be underestimated."

It said the reduction in the proposed anti-dumping duty was a result of lobbying by a high number of users and associations representing composites producers.

"In the light of the new proposal from the Commission and the proposed definitive duties of 13.8% which represents a very high difference compared with the initial 43.6% figure, the users continue to highlight that import duties should not have been imposed at all in the first place," said EuCIA.

"With an estimated number of 10,000 companies across Europe and around 150,000 employees, such duties will lead to negative consequences for the national economies and employment creation and retention."

It issued a rallying call to composites companies to state the case against duties before a meeting on 13 January, at which representatives of the EU27 Member States will meet in Brussels and vote on the Commission proposal.

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