Siemens Sets up Wind Turbine Factories in the US and China

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Siemens has opened a wind turbine blade manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, and a wind turbine nacelle production plant in Hutchinson, Kansas, as well as selecting Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada for a Canadian wind turbine blade site.

The investment volume for the three wind turbine locations is approximately 100 million.

"Ecofriendly energy sources such as wind power offer excellent prospects," says Wolfgang Dehen, CEO of the Siemens Energy Sector.

"The global wind power market will grow from about 30 billion annually to as much as 216bn by 2030. We see major growth potential in particular in the US and China."

Over the last five years the average annual growth rate of wind power installations in the US was 39%. With 10 GW in newly erected wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 35 GW in 2009, the US was the world's most important wind market, followed by the Chinese market, which grew from approximately 14 GW to 26 GW.

By 2020, China wants to have wind turbines with a combined capacity of 150 GW online which equals three times the installed wind power capacity of all of Europe today.

"With a record order backlog of more than 10bn and the rapid expansion of our international manufacturing network, we have an outstanding setup up to become one of the world's top three wind turbines providers by 2012," Dehen adds.

Internationalizing Siemens Wind

"In two to three years time we'll have 12 wind turbine production facilities in 7 countries. We'll thus have even closer customer intimacy," says Ren¨¦ Umlauft, CEO of the Siemens Renewable Energy Division.

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