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Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials Cooperation Limited is a company specialized in producing carbon fiber, fiberglass and glass reinforced plastic products and committed to  supply and serve the related engineering carbon fiber tubes and glassfiber tubes to various fields. 

Our company is located in the beautiful, longevity and healthy place—Jiangsu Rugao Economic Development Zone. This place is in Yangtze River Delta 1.5 hours economic circle and is only 1 hour away from Shanghai with convenient traffic.

Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials has a professional technology research team and high qualified management team. University and above is over 60%. The team has a clear division and work together closely to ensure the efficiant fuction of the company.

In recent years, our company have introduced, digesred and absorbed the advanced technology, craft and equipment from both international and domestic nationals according to the advantages in producing fiberglass, carbon fiber and compound materials. We have developed fiberglass and carbon fiber products widely used in sports, photography, power engineering, machinery, oil industry and military industry through the close cooperation with the clients. Such as arrow shaft,carbon arrow shaft,carbon fiber arrow shaft, hunt shaft, carbon fiber pen shaft, insulation topography instrument plumment, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber poles, fiberglass tubes, 3K carbon fiber tube, fiberglass pipes, epoxy pipes, ski stick, alpenstock, camera tripod, billiard, golf club, fibergalss battery outer tube, fuse insulated pipes, masts, switching equipment pipes, FRP molded grating, garden tools, valves cylinder shell and so on.

Materials are not only the foundation substance that necessary to human but the symbol of the social civilization. In the early time, the development of composite materials were promoted by military industry and the needs of sophisticated thchnology. However, under the situation of peace-building and economic development over the worldwide, the development of composite materials must be transferred to the large amount of civil products. The products need to be developed to meet the large demands of market so as to contribute to improving human’s life.
Because of unceasing mining, the natural resource is becoming much less day after day. The products that made of natural resource are not adapt to the needs of fast development society. It is very urgent to find better materials to replace it. So that, the composite materials come forth along with the development of national economy. Now more and more raw materials have been substituted by composite materials, especially the fiberglass and carbon fiber are becoming the new materials in morden times.
Based on the demands of markt, our company devote ourself to high level of technical and excellent service. Through the advantages of high-efficient, conveinient, thoughtful and warm service, we’ve successfully shortened the distance with our customers and gained their approvement. Meanwhile, our company sets up a good figure of leading technology and standsrd service.

Operation guideline: sincerity-oriented, credibility first, survive by products ’quality.
Service tenet: deliver timely, reasonable price, develop by sincere service .

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