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Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials Company Limited is specialized in the production and sale of fiberglass , glass reinforced plastics products and carbon fiber products. We also supply and serve the related engineering for fiberglass tube and carbon fiber tube materials to various fields.
In the recent years, according to the advantages in the production of fiberglass, carbon fiber the related compound materials, our company have introduced, digested and absorbed the advanced technology, the craft and the equipment from both foreign and domestic countries. Through the close cooperation, our company have developed many products of fiberglass and carbon fiber that can be widely used in the areas of sports, photography, power engineering, machinery, oil industry as well as army industry. Such as fiberglass epoxy tube, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber alpenstock, carbon fiber ski pole, camera tripod, carbon fiber billiards rod, carbon fiber golf rod, fiberglass telescopic pole, fiberglass battery outer tube, fiberglass insulation tuber, FRP molded grating, fiberglass handles of horticulture tools and so on.
Materials are not only the foundation substance that necessary to human but the symbol of the social civilization. In the early time, the development of composite materials were promoted by military industry and the needs of sophisticated thchnology. However, under the situation of peace-building and economic development over the worldwide, the development of composite materials must be transferred to the large amount of civil products. The products need to be developed to meet the large demands of market so as to contribute to improving human¡¯s life.                                       Please detail>>

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